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    GreenWestdon Hotel is a four-star intelligent business hotel. As a member of ChinaTourist Hotel Association (CTHA) in 2009, it also has the qualification of LesClefs d’Or China to offer golden key service. It is your best choice when youare on a business trip.

    It islocated at Shuhan Road-- a street where you can find delicious food, and adjacentto the West New Hi-tech Development Zone. It only takes 20 min by taxi to Shuangliu InternationalAirport, less than 15 min to downtown and 15min to North RailwayStation, and 200 meters away from the exit of Yangxiflyover of Metro Line 2. The transportation is very convenient. It isalso very close to Jinsha Ruin Site Museum, and is the gateway to DujiangyanDams and Mt. Qing-cheng. When you are on a business trip, you have a widechoice of the ways to understand the history, culture and customs of Chengdu.

    Green WestdonHotel offers value for money with its services with individuation andhumanization. If you choose Green Westdon Hotel, you will enjoy a brand-newexperience.

    Our Brand Promises:We promise to respond to your inquiry or complaint about our service within 15minutes; otherwise, we will refund you the charge for the service which you arenot satisfied.


    版权所有     成都西物(集团)有限公司    地址:成都市武侯区武科西三路4号  电话:028-87521777   蜀ICP备13015286号   技术支持:方法数码  

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